Cambuilt Trailers & Parts


Keeping your trailer in good working condition is a sure-fire way to prolong its life and usability, and most importantly safe for you and other road users. Cambuilt Trailers and Parts offers a range of servicing and repair options to keep your trailer working perfectly. You always service your car, so don't forget your trailer. Trailer recovery can be expensive compared to the cost of annual service.
If your trailer isn't performing like it should. contact the experts at Cambuilt Trailers & Parts and get it fixed today.


Cambuilt Trailers can perform all your general repairs and welding needed to keep your trailer in legal operating condition.
Along with electrical wiring and lights, we also do wheel bearing, brake and suspension repairs.
Whether it's repairing a bent mudguard, replacing a bent axle or adding that jerry can holder you always wanted, the team at Cambuilt can do